Thursday, 17 January 2013

Eyelash jewellery

I spotted these on I am Fabulicious last week and I think they're insane, amazing and ridiculously creative all at the same time...eyelash jewellery. Intricately beaded, cute designs to add onto your lashes.  These are like the next step up from Shimmer Twins or Paperself lashes, both of which are really creative and pretty.


From what I can gather, they apply in the same way as false lashes and while I don't think they're particularly wearable everyday there's certainly a place for them.  I'm really intrigued by them and they're only $15! I do wonder if it feels like you've got something in your lashes all day too, like when you get a piece of fluff in them and you can see it out of the corner of your eye....

I haven't tried these (photographs are from Etsy listings) but I am tempted, my favourites are the nebula ones (second image down)! Eyelash jewellery is available on Etsy


  1. Eyelash jewellery! Whatever next! They do look quite amazing xx

  2. Wow! The nebuela ones are amazing. i think these would be great for fancy dress or big parties. Something I'd try.

  3. That's intense! I'm interested, but not sure I'm sold. :)

  4. This is very interesting. I have never seen something like this :-)

  5. If its not needed I think its not advisable to use it. Prioritize first the health of an eye.

  6. Looks quite interesting, but not sure if I would try these :)


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