Tuesday, 29 January 2013

La Jolie Visage bag by Bags of Ethics (Audrey)

I picked this cute bag up in Boots for £1.99 - and I probably should have ironed it before taking photos but it's one of those bags that folds into itself and fastens with a little popper so I figured it would just get creased again (oh, and I hate ironing...that too).

It has little brushes and lipsticks on one side and a lovely lady on the other, the one I got is called Audrey but there were a few other designs.  I ummed and aahed about buying all of them before deciding that that was a bit ridiculous really.  I love the designs though.
It isn't a massive bag but to have tucked away as an emergency bag or to carry bits and bobs in it's ideal.  I'm guessing it would wash well if it got dirty too, I always seem to have something exploding or leaking in my bag!

Have you spotted these in your local Boots?  They were tucked away near the hair stuff in the one near me! 

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  1. Grammatically speaking, the French is incorrect. "Visage" is masculine and therefore there should be no "e" at the end of "joli" and it should be "le" not "la". This must seem ridiculous if a native French speaker was to come across this brand... Any thoughts?


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