Monday, 21 January 2013

If you like big hair, you'll love Big Sexy Hair (Root Pump Plus and Blow Dry Volumizing Gel

I fully admit my expectations of these were average, I've tried various different products that claim to add massive volume to your hair and I don't really feel I've found my go to product yet.  Well, I still haven't found my one product yet because both of these products are great!  With both of these I use my round metal brush and GHD Air hairdryer (followed by either my GHD straighteners on the ends or my Enrapture heated rollers depending on the look I'm going for then a spritz of serum and/or hairspray).  I just picked these at random from Feelunique after trawling their volume section and reading reviews of ones I liked the look of.

Root Pump Plus is a mousse that you spray directly onto your roots - remember, it has a spray nozzle rather than the normal mousse applicator!  I didn't quite remember this the first time I used it and sprayed mousse all over my wall and the washing drying on the radiator (oops).  It doesn't have much of a scent to it which is fine by me.  This really adds oomph to your hair and holds it in place without feeling crispy, though it does feel like you've got product in your at the roots hair which doesn't bother me.  I can go for a couple of days without washing my hair after this - it definitely doesn't overload it - and the volume stays for the next couple of days.  My boyfriend was even like "whoa, what's happened to your's really big?".  I prefer this for nights out because of the hold and the level of volume it gives.

The Blow Dry Volumizing Gel is like a traditional hair gel in consistency which I found a bit weird to apply, I expected my hair to crisp up and feel like it was gelled.  Thankfully it didn't and once I blow dry with this I have full volume hair with shine.  It doesn't feel like there's product in my hair when I use this and though the volume lasts well, I don't think it's quite as strong in terms of hold as the Root Pump Plus but it's still pretty good.

So my random, albeit researched, purchases have turned out well, they do exactly what I wanted and I'd definitely repurchase these in future to boost my do. I've used both of these together too and they work well to make your hair big for a night out (and stay that way). My other top tips for volume are a backcombing brush, heated rollers and plenty of hairspray. Those volumising powders do work too but I hate the feel of them in my hair so I tend to avoid them wherever possible.


  1. Oooo! Thank you for reviewing these. I really struggle with volume in my hair. I may have to get these.

  2. thanks for this review - i am continually on a quest to find big hair! X


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