Sunday, 27 January 2013

Cute £1 Primark false nails - cupcakes, tuxedos and pointed french

I've blogged before about Primark false nails, if you're on a budget and want some falsies to wear for a night out or a couple of days then head for Primark. They even come with glue.  I was browsing in Primark on my lunch (buying tights, gloves and a brolly - more Primark staples!) when I spotted these:

I think they're so cute, especially the cupcakes and are perfect if your nails are too short for nail art or you're not confident at doing designs on yourself. Okay the french tips on the pointed ones aren't printed on very well but to be honest I'd paint these rather than wear them french, plus I'd just give the ends a quick file over too as I normally do with falsies. I think they'd make areally lovely gift as well, it's a shame these weren't in my local Primark before Christmas!
I haven't tried them out yet but hopefully they live up to previous experiences of Primark nails. Did I mention they only cost £1?!!


  1. I just bought the tuxedo ones because they made me laugh I'm ok at nail art but I don't think I could make them look that good Xx

  2. They are so cute! Love the cupcake nails!


  3. I love Primark for bits like that, their nail wraps are lovely too :) x

  4. I get these nails all the time! they are so amazing for the price. love the cupcakes.

  5. Can't get the cupcakes ones in my primark but they just bought out a load of new designs including butterfly's (I'm wearing them now), lacy ones, white and blue striped ones with a little pink heart on them...
    Where did u get the cupcake ones?

  6. They are cute - esp the cupcake ones


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