Sunday, 6 January 2013

Making January more bearable?

January is a bit miserable really isn't it?  I seem to be struggling to get into anything at the moment, so maybe a bit of retail therapy might cheer me up?  Here's what I'm hankering for this January:
(I can't actually afford this but I do really like it)



(sold out online, haven't got to Zara in Manchester yet)
So there you have it!  I feel like I've bought quite a lot of new stuff lately, including some stuff I haven't actually worn yet so I probably don't really need to buy anything more.  As I said though, it's JANUARY so that's my excuse.  And I didn't buy anything in the sales as I find all the queueing, crazy people and desperation a bit too much to deal with - online sales I can deal with but I tend to find the things I want either sell out in my size or the things I've been keeping an eye on don't go in the sales.  D'oh.


  1. that bikini is lovely. I love asos bikinis, I got one the other year and I love it. They just fit well and have lovely styles. Need a holiday this year so I can buy loads lol.

    1. The top's sold out in my size but I'm keeping my eye on it! I have a bit of a thing for seahorse stuff. Ha ha I have no holiday plans at all either! :-)

  2. Love the black RI dress - and the gorgeous shoes of course! :)

  3. Those Eyelashes, wow! Is it not heavy on the eye or something?


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