Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Nails #3 (and Christmas update!)

And here we are with my third and final set of Christmas nails.  This is Barry M Nail Effects Foils in silver (easy to apply, dries quickly) with an Etsy polish I bought called Snowball.  Snowball has various shapes and sizes of white and iridescent glitter - including white bar glitter and little pieces of snowflake glitter in there too, really cute but you do need to go fishing to find the snowflake shapes.  I topped with Seche Vite but they still felt a bit rough.  In saying that it is a lovely, festive topcoat though and I'm glad I bought it.  Plus it arrived really quickly!

Here's a little peek at some of the festive stuff going on at my house at the moment, I'm hosting and cooking Christmas dinner for the first time!

Candles - both are Yankee Candles and both are really cute.  I've been using Yankee tea lights in Winter Wonderland and Christmas Cookie in the angel burner. They both make the house smell really festive which I think is important, I love the Yankee scents and these are strong without being too overpowering.  Some of last years Christmas scents were quite minty which I loved too but I used them all and never got round to buying more!

Pearl - it's Pearl's first Christmas so she wasn't getting away with not getting into the festive spirit!  We bought her a Snowman (Snowpug?) outfit that she actually seems to quite like and she looks ridiculously cute in.  She's been pretty well behaved around the Christmas stuff as well.
Snow Fairy - it's not Christmas without Snow Fairy.  People seem to love it or hate it but I fall into the former, this is a pink sugary treat that I love buying every year.  I always mean to stock up so I can use it all year round but I never do!

Christmas Jumpers - they're everywhere this year and quite frankly, I'm ecstatic about this.  I wanted one last year but they all seemed quite expensive and not that nice.  The choice on the high street has been brilliant this year.  I bought both of these but took the cream one back even though I think it was a nicer jumper (the holly berries are little gems!) because I'm cooking Christmas dinner and thought a cream jumper was probably a terrible idea as I'm quite a messy chef, and at £50 I didn't want a ruined jumper I'd only worn once.  The red one is from Primark mens section and cost £12, plus it's cute rather than 'nice' - they had all sorts of designs and I hunted it down after seeing this post at Temporary Secretary.

Tree #1 - this is our main tree, which is in the kitchen as we've got more space.  In our living room we've got a big bay window which kind of limits the space we can use so there's nowhere for a proper big tree to go really.  So we've compromised and have...
Tree #2 - ...this little tree from Ikea with coloured lights on it.  It looks so real and we actually thought it was in the shop until we realised that the 'soil' was plastic.  Ha ha!
Tree #3 - Another one from Ikea, this little fold out tree is so cute!  I loved their Christmas stuff this year, they had some really great things including wrapping paper and decorations.

Decorations -  my light up pressies on our floating shelves, we had them on the fireplace last year but we liked some other stuff there instead and we still wanted to put them somewhere as they're really festive and warm looking.

Wreath - I tend to like more contemporary decorations for my Christmas stuff but I do love a weath on our front door as we've got a porch (but no tree in the window) so it just adds an extra touch of Christmas.  Plus we've got our original heavy door and stained glass window panels either side (1930's house) so traditional works quite well.
So, on that note, Merry Christmas for tomorrow - hope you have a fantastic day whatever you're doing!


  1. Merry Christmas!

    I love that little Ikea tree you have - that's really cute!

    1. My Mam's got her eye on that one too, think she's gonna hit Ikea in the sales (count me out). Hope you have a lovely day! X

  2. Your nails look so pretty! x


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