Monday, 2 April 2012

Things I've recently purchased and things I would like to purchase...

Start of the month = buying more stuff

Here's what I've bought already:

When I wear this dress I stick to clear liquids (gin and tonic, vodka and lemonade etc.) as I live in fear of ruining it with my clumsy ways.  The material it's made of is like wetsuit material which is a bit weird but good as it holds everything in!  Just noticed they do it in orange too.

I bought a very cheap, mean off Ebay as I couldn't justify £45 on a keyring.

Here's what I'd like to buy:
Warehouse Bright Bird Print Shell Top
This picture doesn't really do it justice, and Grazia are offering 25% off at Warehouse at the moment

River Island Blue Scarf Print Tapered Trousers
I'm a bit of a scarf print fan and these look fab on the model on ASOS

Topshop Orchid Print Extreme Drop Shirt
I do like this but it isn't very me, I'm thinking it would be nice with my lilac jeans but I'm rubbish at putting outfits together so maybe not!

Dorothy Perkins Lilac Pleated Pocket Dress
This is very glam and grown up, I'm thinking it would take me through work and maybe some things that are a bit more formal too.

Topshop Bright Blossom Dip Hem Dress
This isn't my usual style at all (I normally prefer dresses that are more fitted and have a sleeve!) but I have a wedding to go to later in the year and we've been invited for the church service and night do, which I find SO hard to dress/buy for so I'm keeping my eye out already and favouring dipped hem dresses to take me from day to night.

There's quite a lot of bright prints here isn't there?  It's maybe the nicer weather making me think lovingly of summer and sunshine!


  1. Have you seen the new H&M dresses? So ridiculously pretty and wear-able

  2. The Dorothy Perkins dress is gorgeous! and so are the River Island trousers! You have such lovely style!x

  3. i always want more florals in spring! They tease you as soon as it gets warm.

  4. Love these choices! :) xxx

  5. Love that white peplum dress! Outfit post?

    Everything else is gorgeous, especially the final Topshop dress. Buy it!

  6. great clothes!


  7. Hellooo just like to say I love your blog so I thought I would comment and say hi! Also I have the top shop dip hem dress and I love love it .. Im not usually a bright patterny person but it looked amazing when the sun was out. :)

    1. Ooh, thanks for this, it went out of stock before I bought it but seems to be back in again so will have to snap it up! Just need the sunny weather again now...


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