Monday, 16 April 2012

MAC Mouth Monday - Pink Nouveau

I recently went a bit mad on the MAC website after every time I went into a certain store they never had the colours I wanted in.  I actually only went looking for the new Nicki Minaj Viva Glam but when I got there I didn't really like it, it's a bit too kind of pastel/chalky looking even though it's a bright pink.  OK, I'm making no sense here so on with MAC Mouth Monday.

Pink Nouveau is one of MAC's bestsellers which is why I can probably never find it in an actual store!  It's a bright, light pink that reminds me of a slightly lighter version of MAC Chatterbox (my fave lippie) and is a bit less bright than Chatterbox so is probably a bit more wearable - it's not so light that it looks like concealer lips which isn't personally a look I can pull off.  It's a satin finish, which is my second favourite finish (amplified is first) and why I think it's probably a bit less bright/more wearable.

Needless to say I really really like this - pinks are totally my thing -  and I'm so glad I finally bought it.  Perfect summer lipstick and I'd wear it anywhere, work, a night out, through the day etc.


  1. Ohh I really want to try this one, Im the same, some nudes just don't work for me. Thats why my faveorite MAC lipstick is Creme Cup because its nearly a nude but has a pink undertone :)
    Linzi xx

  2. Love this, reminds me of my fave lipstick, Chanel Magnolia.
    Nic x


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