Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The manicure that cannot be named (edit!)

In light of this post here about Ciate trademarking the term "Caviar manicure", which I personally think is a joke for the reasons outlined in the post, I've had to change a few things here (this isn't generally something I do ever).

I hit Ebay and got 12 colours of bead for £3.87.  I have enough nail polishes already to match with those!  This is the seller I bought mine from, they're based in Hong Kong so it took a little while for them to arrive but not ages maybe 7-10 days if that.  I loved the description on the side of what they are, he he!

I applied two coats of polish and waited a bit then I dipped my nail in each pot.  Be warned, this way of doing it is pretty messy and some of the little balls go oddly static in the top of the lid which is a slightly strange sight to see.  I think every nail I did got slightly better.

I think I like it best on the more neutral colours like the silver, black and light pink.  I'm none too keen to try the green one!  If you're just looking to have accent nails or have a little play (like me!) then the kit I've got will be plenty, if you're planning to rock these nails every day then you might run out?  In terms of longevity, well I have no idea, as I removed these straight after putting on as I needed to clean the oven (oh yes, I'm THAT glam).  These types of nails are a bit of a Marmite one - like crackle polishes - you either love 'em or hate 'em.

If you don't like rough finishes on your nail (i.e. glitter and 3D nail art) then this probably isn't for you because it does feel rough.  It's kind of like those licquorice allsorts that are covered in tiny balls.  I like this look but don't think I'd do it on every nail, maybe an accent ring finger or something?  I prefer one solid colour of beads to having a lot of colours mixed together too.


  1. WOW they look insanely brilliant! I could see me sitting there picking them off really easily though - i'm bad like that.

    1. I'm a bit of a nail picker so I must admit I picked them off before I removed the rest with acetone..naughty I know!

  2. These are amazing! The pink and silver are beautiful!x


  3. The result is stunning! I love how Ebay provides a cheaper alternative to pretty much everything! x

  4. They look so good!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  5. Great post and such pretty nails, they looks soooo cool :) I hope you will follow my blog :)



  6. This is so very much AWESOME!!! :D
    I just found your blog ant it's really awesome too! :)


  7. I'm shocked by the trademarking thing. Ciate didn't pioneer the idea of using these beads, they have been around for at least 10 years. I remember using them for nail art in about 2001 when we called it nail bullion.

    Stories of an English rose


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