Friday, 20 April 2012

Since I'm finding it really tricky to get Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams in the UK, here's my version!

Sweet Dreams is described as a candied pink (3D holographic) but I don't necessarily agree with this.  It's more a candy pink with flakies in it.  Have a look for swatches, that's exactly how it looks to me.  I'm really struggling to find it in the UK and on Ebay etc it's extortionately expensive.  DL polishes are already expensive so not really wanting to double the price again in shipping.

This is Leighton Denny Madison (one of my favourite - if not my all time favourite - polishes) with GOSH Rainbow over the top.  I love GOSH Rainbow, I've had mine for ages and I wear it with all sorts of different colours.

I actually think this is a fairly good replication of Sweet Dreams (obviously I've yet to see Sweet Dreams in person though!), the main difference is that the flakies are only layered on my version and not suspended in the polish but I suppose this is something that I could achieve with a bit of mixing if it was really an issue.  If you've seen Sweet Dreams, what do you think?

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