Monday, 23 April 2012

MAC Mouth Monday - Girl About Town

Supposedly beloved by Cheryl Cole and Beyonce, Girl About Town is a much-loved MAC classic.  It's a bright pink that leans towards purple (for some reason my camera really struggled to pick its purple tones up) with an amplified finish.

This is pretty bright and I think I'd personally only wear it on a night out but I bet this would look amazing on darker skin than mine.  Barry M do a fairly good dupe of this, just the finish is slightly different.  I blogged about it when I was first starting out actually so here you go.


  1. Another Mac shade I need in my collection, this is gorgeous and amplified are my favourite Mac finishes!


  2. I think I prefer the Barry M shade you posted about last year, it looks much nicer on your lips. This one seems to have a shimmer? But still beautiful colours.


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