Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Topshop Sandstorm Collection - Creme Lipcolour in Daze and Nails Duo in Wilderness

Creme Lipcolour in Daze
The texture of this creme lipcolour was just that - really creamy and satiny, I loved the finish of it, it feels a lot more expensive than it is (£7.50). It was really different to a standard lipgloss, which was what I was expecting, the colour is nice too, a muted baby pink that gave good opaque coverage - it reminds me a little of MAC Speed Dial in terms of colour and finish. It also has that yummy vanilla smell/taste that I'd usually associate with MAC lipsticks. Will definately be wearing this in spring!

Nail Duo in Wilderness

I was also nicely surprised by these polishes - the brushes and formulation were really easy to work with and two coats just about gave opaque coverage (3 is probably a bit safer). The silver was by far my favourite - it looks gorgeous, the glitter is dense and doesn't feel rough or gritty, it actually looks quite a lot like Minx when it's on every finger. I liked the green/blue too but I tend not to wear this type of colour, it doesn't suit me. At £9 for the nail duos, I think they're priced well too as there's 6ml in each bottle.

This is the first time I've tried any of the Topshop make up range and I'll definately be trying more, I like the look of the other nail duo (Zealous) and lip creme (Tawny) in the Sandstorm collection (there's loads of stuff that would look amazing with a tan!) and I might even investigate the main line. :-)


  1. Ooh I was looking at the make up in Topshop and had to drag myself away! Really wanted the gold and pink nail duo and that pink Lipgloss but I couldn't make my mind up as I have really dark lips, and sometimes lipsticks/glosses come out completely different on me :(

    The pale pinks always look really nice on you though! xo

  2. It's true, I have far too many pale pinks - I do try and branch out but reds, oranges and browny colours don't really work for me :-(

    I'd really recommend trying out the creme lipcolour though, it's lovely.

  3. I love the look of that gloss.. Looks perfect nude/baby pink. Will definitely get it!
    Thanks for this post :)


  4. It's good to find something that works on you though, I always feel like I should try coloured eyeshadows because I'm really boring and always just have a black eyeliner flick, but it works best for me so I'm fine!

    I've always been wary of lip colours because they never tend to look how I want them to look, but I got my first MAC lippie a few weeks ago (Creme Cup) and I've worn it to death! I wanted SO many of them but I really can't afford to be getting a new obsession... xo

  5. I'm exactly the same - I tend to just do liner flicks too and on the odd night out I'll do my whole lid in black. I've got quite big features and pale lips so I feel like I look a bit trannyish with eyeshadow and lipstick on, ha! :-)

  6. yes, finally someones reviewed the new topshop range! been eyeing these two items up for a while but waited to see the reviews! daze will be mine! great review! x

  7. That lip gloss looks gorgeous x

  8. The combo of turquoise and silver is GORGEOUS!! I.need.that.duo. :p


  9. those nail varnishes are amazing - i want want want x


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