Monday, 14 March 2011

RapidLash Update - Week 6

I genuinely feel like I can see a difference in my lashes now - to me they look slightly longer and thicker, in much better condition and I'm losing less lashes. I'm really pleased with the results so far, and also a little bit concerned as this now means that I'll want to keep using it at the cost of £40 every 8-10 weeks..argh.

This is what they look like now (look at that long lash in the middle, eek!!):

And this was what they looked like 6 weeks ago before I started using RapidLash:

What do you think? Any longer/thicker? Or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

I wonder if this is as long as they get or if they'll get any longer? They probably just get to the end of their hair cycle, drop out and it all starts again. It probably sounds daft (especially to those of you with long lashes) but I'm really pleased with these, I've been cursed with short lashes forever!


  1. I can see a difference hun, they definately look thicker and a little longer. Another beauty expense every 8-10 weeks! It never ends! lol x

  2. I really want to try this! Keep updating how they look, if it really does make a difference I might buy it but I don't dare yet! x

  3. Will definately keep the reviews up, even after the 10 weeks are up to make sure the length is maintained - hope they get even longer!

  4. Hi, just come across your blog, but I can definitely see a difference in the two pictures :) Your lashes are looking lovely x

    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth


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