Friday, 11 March 2011

Models Own Polishes and Nail Art Pen

L-R: Sophie's Pink, Nude Beige, Pastel Pink, Mystic Mauve, Juicy Jules

My favourites out of these are Nude Beige, Juicy Jules and Mystic Mauve. I absolutely love Nude Beige and it's one of the only nude colours I've found that I like on my nails, Juicy Jules is a gorgeous holo glitter (probably better layered) and Mystic Mauve is just a lovely metallic lilac. The pinks are nice too but I've got ones like them in my collection already!

As ever, application and length of wear was really good. Models Own polishes are brilliant, especially for the price of them. Good to see they're more readily available in Boots and River Island now too.

I also picked up the Models Own/WAH Nails Nail Art Pen in Black, mainly to make doing half moon designs and stripes easier. The pen has a thin liner brush as well as a very fine tip for doing nail art.

Very easy to use with a bit of a practice (something I think I need more of if the pic below is anything to go by) and the possibilities are endless, just have a look at some of the designs WAH Nails produce! They're only available in black and white at the moment but would be good to see them in a wider variety of colours.


  1. I love the look of pastel pink and juicy jules! I don't own any of Models Own polishes yet. Are they pretty cheap? x

  2. Yeah they're £5 each - they do loads of offers on the Models Own website and they're usually on 3 for 2 in Boots. You could even buy them on ASOS and use diet coke vouchers/groupon vouchers/student discount/something else :-)


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