Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sedbergh Soap Company - 100% natural Lemongrass Soap

I was recently sent some gorgeous soaps to try by Sedbergh Soap.

As someone who has suffered from psoriasis in the past (I still get the odd patch if I'm stressed or run down) and skin which tends to react to certain chemicals, I'm probably not as careful as I should be when choosing products. Sedbergh Soap produce a range of soaps and bath products that contain no chemicals that irritate the skin, no sodium chloride, no blended essentail oils and no herbal extracts - the company began when its founder, Dorthe M Pratt, was looking for products that didn't exacerbate her severe eczema. They also contain 100% natural ingredients, are 70%-89.9% organic, use recyclable packaging and grow a lot of their ingredients themselves.

The bar that I tried was their best seller, Lemongrass. Priced at £4.25 and containing pure essential oil and dried lemongrass, this smells absolutely gorgeous, really citrusy and fresh. In terms of lathering, it works well too. Just goes to show you don't need all these chemicals and that just because a product is catering for very sensitive skin or contains natural ingredients, there doesn't have to be a compromise on effectiveness.

I'd recommend these products for anyone who has sensitive skin or likes to know exactly what's in their products and where it came from - actually, for anyone who just wants a guilt free treat! I've passed their details on to a woman I work with who is big into her natural/chemical free products (remember the organic fake tan I reviewed a while ago? That came from her.). The soap I tried was just lovely all round and I'll definately be looking to try out some more things.

Sedbergh Soap is available from the Sedbergh Soap website, which also has much more information about their ingredients and history, as well as details of stockists and customer testimonials. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter at


  1. Lovely post hun, I'm addicted to Lush Rock Star soap at the minute. Would this soap be good for dry skin? x

  2. Yeah I definately think so - there are no harsh chemicals or anything dodgy in it that would irritate or dry out your skin. All in all, just lovely stuff!

    Psoriasis and eczema (can never spell that) tend to be dry, sore skin and this soap works well for people who have these conditions.

  3. I just went onto their website, I love the look of all their boxed soaps. I'm always on the lookout for interesting ones. Thanks for the post, they are on my radar now x

  4. Ooh, perfect! I have sensitive skin like you, so will definitely take a look! Lovely blog, Lucy :) xx


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