Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Barry M Lip Paint - 54 Peach

Orange lips are apparently going to be big news this spring/summer - is it just me or do they say that orange lips are "in" every summer? As I quite like the orange lip look I had a look round for a not-too-expensive orange lipstick in case I never actually bother wearing it.

There weren't THAT many around on the high street that weren't frosted or a dark orange/nearly red, which wasn't what I wanted. I ended up buying Barry M 54 Peach. Needless to say it doesn't suit me, it's a bit too light and chalky, plus I think I need a bit of a tan before I can get away with the orange lip look!

As I said, I think this would look better on darker skin than mine. I think once I get a tan and summer comes around I'm going to try an orange gloss out rather than a lipstick, I had a great one from 17 when I was about 13 that would have been ideal but I'm fairly sure they won't make that now - it's nearly 13 years ago! :-) I think this gloss would be nice though - Paul & Joe Lipgloss in Tangerine:


  1. The Paul & Joe gloss looks a gorgeous colour! It reminds me of orange Calippos!! x

  2. Aww this seems to be a little too oarange for me. Thanks for the swatch x

  3. It's a gorgeous colour, i don't think i could pull it off though! xx


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