Friday, 18 March 2011

Some more Topshop Sandstorm Collection make up...

I was so impressed by the Topshop make up I reviewed here , that I got some more from the range (ahem).

The items I got were:
  • Creme Lipcolour in Tawny
  • Nail Duo in Zealous
  • Lipgloss Stick in Ablaze
  • Lipgloss Stick in Glisten
Creme Lipcolour in Tawny
This is very different to the colours I usually wear but is certainly very wearable. It's a warm beige toned nude that actually looks good on me, and doesn't make me look like I've got foundation lips. I initially wasn't sure if I liked it as it is quite a bit away from my comfort zone but I've been told it's pretty on me. As with Daze, I think the formula is absolutely lovely and it has a gorgeous vanilla scent.

Nail Duo in Zealous
Same as my previous review - the metallic is the winner here for me (I also like the pink a lot though, it's blue based) - the formulation is very easy to work with, opacity is good and colour is nice and strong with 3 coats.

Lipgloss Stick in Glisten and Ablaze
These were a total whim because I liked the colours, both are quite sheer and glossy compared to the colour in the tube. Glisten is a dark pink (almost plum) and Ablaze is a very wearable light coral/orange - much better than the Barry M lipstick I tried last week to try and get the spring/summer orange lip look. These also have the same very nice vanilla scent. The wear on them isn't really long lasting, but they're a lipgloss...they're never going to last days on end. I've pretty much been wearing these since I got them.

High five, Topshop! I'd initially thought that their make up range wouldn't be so great but I've been proven wrong, even the packaging is nice. I've also heard good things about the cream blush and the highlighter from their main collection - I will be avoiding Topshop for some time now as I'm coveting a dress and some shoes from there as well and I MUST NOT SPEND.


  1. I love the look of the coral lipgloss and the pink polish, they look gorgeous! I haven't tried any Topshop cosmetics, it may be worth a look! x

  2. The lipgloss sticks look pretty x

  3. I really want that nail duo..nice buys! xx

  4. Those shoes are amaing! I love all the shades of lipstick aswell ;) i have just started a blog on beauty reviews. My first posts have been about LUSH products, why not check it out and see what you think?

  5. I may have accidentally bought the shoes...

  6. love the gold polish! hahah Good i'm glad you bought that top its great! :p xx

  7. I have ablaze lipstick and the same nail varnish and totally love it. did a massive post yesterday about my love of topshop make up, i think the colours and quality are really good plus the proce is really affordable too

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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