Monday, 28 November 2011

Entity One Colour Couture Gel Enamel "Fashionista"

I showed this in a different shade a few months ago but just thought I'd show you the latest colour I've had on.  This shade is Fashionista and is a dark glossy purple that when you look closely at it has fine bits of red and blue shimmer in it.  It's really similar to an OPI shade I have, and love.  This is a gel polish, a bit like Shellac but different in that your nails are buffed before use and it's a bit thicker and probably removed differently in the salon

Last time I had this on in a different colour it lasted really well, no chips at all, but in the end I was a bit naughty and peeled/picked it off when it started to grow out quite a lot/I got bored - I wouldn't recommend this and would say to get it removed properly.  This time I soaked it off properly with acetone using the tinfoil method and it worked a treat.  It looked fine apart from a bit of regrowth at the cuticle, still chip free and glossy before I removed it.  My nails were really long after using this as obviously it protects them more than polish does, and were also undamaged.

I am thinking more and more about investing in a Shellac kit and doing this stuff myself though, it costs around £20 a time to have this done and I could really do it myself as apart from it being sealed under UV light it's not that different to polishing nails, which I feel I'm quite good at - as I've mentioned before, I'm a qualified beauty therapist so I could actually get all the stuff I need direct from the supplier/distributor with my manicure qualifications.  Something to think about I think!

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  1. I would love to try gelpolish, I read only good things about it!


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