Sunday, 13 November 2011

Philosophy Cinnamon Hot Dots and Creme Brulee

Cinnamon Hot Dots smells very cinnamony/aniseedy but sweet at the same time - I'm not massively keen on the smell or taste of cinnamon (these came as a pair and I really wanted creme brulee) but if you are keen then this is for you. It smells very Christmassy and warming. It also has a recipe on it that I'm sure would be gorgeous if I liked cinnamon! Creme Brulee is far more my thing - sweet and vanilla-y, I do like it but I wouldn't say it's overly creme brulee-ish.

You do get a lot of product in these and they do last for quite a long time, they lather well and the smell does last on your skin. You can actually use them on hair or body as well and I did use the Creme Brulee one on my hair a couple of times when I'd accidentally ran out of shampoo and not had the chance to buy any more and it was fine, it lathered well and the scent stayed on my hair for quite a while.

I don't know if I'm just getting old or boring but I don't think I'd necessarily buy either of these again. They were nice, and would be lovely as a Christmas gift or something, but quite expensive for something that I thought was just ok - neither were a patch on my favourite Philosophy shower gel, Melon Daiquiri - and to be honest, you could get something similar much cheaper (especially the Creme Brulee). I also noticed on the packaging some warnings about how prolonged use could potentially give you a urine infection....I know they probably have to put this and the risk is probably minimal but, ew, basically. I don't want to be relaxing in my bath and read that, it kind of put me off a bit even though I suspect using Philosophy is no better/worse than any other bath or shower product.

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  1. I like Philosophy in general but have found one or two items that I wouldnt buy again. Thanks for the review xx

  2. Yummmmm! Can you believe I have actually never tried anything from Philosophy?


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