Friday, 4 November 2011

A lot of pink things from Lush!

I only wandered into Lush to check out some of the Christmas stuff and now I seem to have bought a load of pink/sweet scented things! Obviously, I stocked up on my now traditional large bottle of Snow Fairy (I might get another one still). I also got some Snow Fairy lipbalm, Angel's Delight Soap and Magic Wand Bubble Bar. All very cute and very pink!

Snow Fairy lipbalm smells just like proper Snow Fairy and though it's bright pink, it doesn't really leave any colour on your lips. Even so, I love it - as a fan of Lush lipbalms anyway (hello Honeytrap), this was always going to be a winner.

I used this pretty quickly - I'd definately say you don't need to use a full one, mine took ages to dissolve and even so I still had bits left in the bath, and even though the bell and stick are a bit pointless overall, I don't care, I think it's gorgeous and smells really nice! I also want to try the Melting Snowman and Candy Cane soap, they look cute but I couldn't see them in Lush when I visited.


  1. You're only meant to swirl the star in the bath and use it 4 or so times!"

  2. Oops ha ha! It did smell really nice though.... :-)

  3. These all look so lovely! Definitely going to Lush to check these out, especially the Snow Fairy Lip Balm. :) xo

    Sophia @ Beauty In My Mind

  4. love these products. they smell great. please follow my blog @


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