Saturday, 19 November 2011

Tweet me or follow via Bloglovin'!

I've recently set up a Twitter acount so feel free to follow me @LucyBATB or by clicking the link on the left.  Oh, and if you've got a Twitter account, please leave me your Twitter name in the comments section below and I'll follow you.  If there's a Twitter you really like or think I should follow leave that in the comments too and I'll check it out.

If you don't already follow through Google Friend Connect, you can follow Beauty and the Blogger via Bloglovin' by clicking the link to the left as well.


  1. I'm following! My twitter name is @pacethestairs :) xx

  2. I'm following you now! My twitter account is @LO_TS

  3. i'm following you now :) my twitter name is... @tweetrosieolive


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