Friday, 30 April 2010

Balm Balm Tea Tree 100% Organic Lipbalm - Review

I got this lipbalm for Christmas but didn’t use it at first because I’d never heard of the brand and was perfectly happy with the Anatomicals balm I was using. I can’t remember why I started to use it all of a sudden actually?

The packaging was pretty unassuming:

My first thought was “hmm, this balm feels hard in the tub” and my next was “oh my god I don’t like the smell”, because let’s face it, tea tree isn’t the nicest smell in the world.

But actually, this is one of the best lipbalms I’ve used, it’s really really moisturising and feels nice and glossy on the lips. It keeps your lips looking nice, and I have now got over my initial reservations about the smell and the hardness in the tube, it melts into the skin on contact like a lovely oil. It also has a lasting moisturising effect, I can reapply it every few hours rather than every 10 minutes and it still works its magic.

It's nice with lipstick over too - it makes more of a sheer wash of colour rather than a strongly pigmented one. I've got it on under my Revlon Colorburst lipstick now and the colour looks really nice, not too heavy for work either.

I wanted to re-purchase when it ran out, but had no clue about the brand. After going to their website (, I then discovered that their products are 100% organic, multi-purpose and certified by the soil association; this isn’t something that I personally think about when buying products but it is nice to know! And yes I realise it says some of that on the tub but what can I say, I'm not the most observant. I also found out from the website that it comes in a frangrance free version as well, hallelujah!

At less than £3, it’s a make up and handbag staple for me! I got mine from Boots if anyone was wondering but it is available from other places too.


  1. I've just ran out of mine too and wanting a change from nivea - may have to go look, thanks :)


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