Saturday, 10 April 2010

Emilio Pucci Vivara Perfume

My usual Dior Addict Shine was about to run out and I needed a new perfume - so when I spotted this in Space NK, I had to have it:It's called Vivara and is by Emilo Pucci.

Now I am OBSESSED with Pucci prints (I've actually gone into House of Fraser just to ogle £200 Pucci scarves I have no budget to buy) so if I'm honest it was all about the packaging for me. I quite like the smell but it is a lot more heavy and "grown up" than I usually wear.

I'm normally a fan of sweet, fruity perfumes (Britney Spears Fantasy, anything by Escada etc) so this mix of amaretto, jasmine and patchiouli is quite different to my usual scent.

However, today when I was in Debenhams I spotted a YSL perfume that I loved the look and smell of (it was very sweet and citrusy, not a million miles away from Dior Addict Shine actually) - I think it was called Elle but when I've googled it, the packaging is nothing like the one I saw in store, it looked like it had paint splashes on it? I saw it in another perfume shop too so I haven't just dreamed it up. I'm confused!

What's your favourite perfume? Or your favourite "type" of perfume?


  1. I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Lovely by SJP <333 They smell classic feminine to me. :) xoxo

  2. I'm a Paul Smith and a Marc Jacobs girlie, neither man can do no wrong!

  3. I think the YSL perfume may have been the limited edition YSL Elle Summer?

    I usually go for sweeter, fruity scents too. I usually wear DKNY Be Delicious (the green one) or Christina Aguilera By Night as that's quite fruity but stronger and more vanilla scented.

  4. Aha, that's it, thanks for that:

    I want!


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