Wednesday, 21 April 2010

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Cloud Nine (white with pale multi glitter)

This is the first China Glaze polish I’ve owned . Cloud Nine is a sheer frosted white with pale multicoloured glitter in it. I struggled to choose between this colour and Kwik Silvr and I kind of wish I’d gone for the latter as the swatches I’ve seen show that Kwik Silver was probably what I wanted (so an excuse to purchase more polishes, yay!)

Whilst I really like the colour from a distance (i.e. where you can’t see the mistakes), the application left a lot to be desired. It managed to be gloopy and patchy at the same time, even when it had seemingly dried, resulting in bald patches on the nails which annoyed me up close. It took 3 coats to achieve the opacity I wanted, and the finish still wasn’t great – there was still also a bit of VNL. It isn’t as white/opaque as it looks in the bottle at all.
It chipped after a few days and almost started to peel off fully once it had chipped. D’oh! For a glitter, it wasn’t that rough, but didn’t feel smooth to the touch (same as most glitters).


  1. Ugh! I hated this one. I think I applied and reapplied like 3 times. Too bad cause it looks so pretty in the bottle.

  2. I have kwik silvr, I bought it because of the nice swatches, but i HATE it in person, such a whoite/silver with much yellow in it, it dries ultra slow and I need 3 or more coats for it to be opaque, I dont recommend it to you!

  3. Oh right, thanks for the heads up about Kwik Silver - I already have Leighton Denny polish in Ivory which looks pretty similar to swatches of Kwik Silver and applies like a dream so I might just knock Kwik Silver off my to buy list.

    I stupidly tried this polish again a few days ago and it was chiptastic within like a day :-(

  4. Oh that's poo. I hate disappointing buys :(

  5. the glitter polish looks pretty... shame it didn't last!

  6. Thats such a cool the glitters.

  7. China Glaze Nail Lacquer Neon nails! I love it for my nail.
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