Friday, 16 April 2010

I got it! YSL Elle Limited Edition Collector 2010 Perfume

In my post last week about Pucci Vivara I mentioned a perfume by YSL that I had seen in a few shops whilst I was in town, liked the smell of, liked the packaging and thought I had the name of (YSL Elle) but after looking online hadn't been able to find. With your help I managed to find it and snap it up, yay!

YSL Elle Limited Edition Collector 2010 (90ml)

Mmm, to me it smells like YSL Babydoll crossed with Dior Addict Shine - two of my favourite ever perfumes. I haven't actually smelled the original YSL Elle but I probably should since I suppose it's been the inspiration for this one.

It's very light, sweet and fruity, and like YSL Babydoll has a bit of a grapefruity scent to it. This is again a lovely perfume for summer and basically reminds me of sunshine and cocktails (I don't mean it smells of booze by the way!). Also, how nice is that bottle?! The picture doesn't really do it justice but it looks really striking in real life with the splashes of colour on it.

Why is it I like these "follow-up" perfumes like this one and Dior Addict Shine rather than the original ones (e.g YSL Elle and Dior Addict)?


  1. I think this one smells a lot nicer than YSL Elle! I think the bottle is prettier too... It's really summery and pretty cheap for the size of the bottle compared to the original YSL Elle. :) xo

  2. Thanks for your help - if it wasn't for you I still don't think I'd have found anything out about it, it doesn't seem to be readily available online or really being promoted other than in store!


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