Thursday, 6 May 2010

How nice are these false nails by Urban Rebel!

Midnight Graffiti
Leopard French

Feline French

Boudoir French

Black Lace

Pics all taken from

I just spied these and whilst I'm not generally a false nail wearer, I think these are LOVELY! And they look (to me anyway) like a cheaper version of Minx. And since I can't do konad to save my life...

They're £5 and are available from and - there are a few other designs but I wasn't so keen on them.

So, what do you think? Do you wear false nails? Any recommendations for fancy falsies (I'm not keen on the french mani ones, I can do that on my own nails)?


  1. I love these! i dont normally wear false nails but these looks so nice

  2. I never wear false nails, but these look really nice. I reckon they'd be nice to wear for a special occasion or something.

  3. Nidnight Graffiti looks great! I don't know about false nails they affect your own nails at all?

  4. The only thing I've found about falsies is that sometimes the glue on your nail can be hard (but by no means impossible) to remove...your actual nail isn't damaged though. x

  5. I spied these in Supersdrug at the weekend and bought myself the Feline French and Boudoir French - I doubt I'll ever wear the Feline ones but the Boudoir are lovely, pretty short though, I'll have to chop my own nails down!

  6. I ♥ the Boudoir French Ones :)


  7. Heya- look in Savers (if you have one in your town) They're only £1!!! They've run out of Feline french which is my favourite but I just bought 10 packs of Boudouir french for a tenner :-)


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