Saturday, 20 March 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuschia

After seeing a blog post about these lipsticks on BritishBeautyBlogger, I wanted it solely based on the packaging. It’s black and looks quilted. I have a weird thing for quilted things so to combine lippy and quilting, phew I’m almost in heaven. And it has Revlon embossed onto the actually coloured part of the lipstick, bit fancy isn’t it?
Sorry, though it’s another bright pink lipstick! It doesn’t look much different to the Barry M colour (possibly a little more blue/purple based?) but feels much nicer once on and during application, the formulation is much more shiny and creamy and feels like it’s gliding onto lips smoothly rather than drying them out. Putting the Barry M pics side by side with the Revlon, they look SO similar! I expected the colour to be a bit more diluted than it was but it’s actually pretty pigmented. I think the sheeny finish with this gloss makes it a bit less in your face in person– I feel like I could wear this in the day more easily than Barry M.
For a creamy lippy, the transfer actually wasn’t too bad – I still had some lipstick on after eating, drinking etc though it was a bit faded. It stay on from about 8am-12pm which I don’t think is bad given how moisturising it feels. I like like like. The only thing that made me go “hmm?” about this lippy is that it has no real smell/taste to speak of – it just smells faintly..waxy? Creamy? And I can’t really like it less because of that, there’s no smell or issue there to make me not like it, I just thought it was a bit weird?

These haven’t been released in the UK just yet, I don’t think but I believe they’re on their way. And I’ll be stocking up!!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the packaging, it's gorgeous!
    Excited to try these out when they're released!

  2. That is so weird, how we both did a post about these at the same time! hehe. Can't wait to try them! where did you get yours hunny?


  3. Great minds think alike Jo! :-)

    Just left you a reply on your blog x

  4. ahh , i wish i suited bright pink lipstick :'(

  5. Hi, i cant wait to get my hands on this one ;) will have to wait couple months tho :(

    Have a great day and come to follow me ;)



  6. That is a gorgeous colour! I think bright pink is gonna be a must try for summer, I don't have anything like this already which is a rarity!

  7. yay, I'm da 100th follower! =)

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