Monday, 1 March 2010

Barry M Lipstick in Punky Pink (145) - Review & Swatch

I decided I wanted lips like Cheryl Cole's pink glossy ones and after much googling to find out what she wears I came across this blog post:

And thus it was sealed, I decided to buy Barry M Punky Pink and see what I thought. Now, as you can see from the pic below, I have quite full lips so tend to steer clear of bright shades because it makes me look like just a pout with legs and arms attached but this Barry M shade is gorgeous, it really suits me (if I say so myself) and even my boyfriend likes it!
It goes on really well and lasts for ages - I really put it through its paces over the weekend, it survived a Pizza Express meal and a night out (two separate applications, I'm not that gross that I keep lipstick on for days.) without having to be reapplied! It can also be blotted down so it's not as bright, I do this for work and gloss added over the top, but this decreases its staying power.
My only criticism of this is that it is a little drying and if you have any dry skin on your lips, it will show it but tbh this is something that's easily sorted.

I bought mine from ASOS as I was putting an order in anyway and had a 20% off code so this lippy was actually only £3.40! I think the usual retail price is £4.25 which is still amazing for such a great product, I will definately be repurchasing!


  1. This colour is so pretty! I think it looks great on you, full lips or not =)

  2. I WISH I'd have read this about a year ago when I was after exactly the same thing! In my hunt for the perfect 'Cheryl' pink I opted for Rouge Dior lipstick in Diorlywood Pink. Whilst it is lovely, and very much like Ms Cole's lip colour, it set me back 20 quid and I wore it once. Lesson learned!
    Great blog, keep up the good work :)

  3. You have great lips! I tend to steer away from bright colors because my lips are on the smaller side and I don't want to draw attention to that, and you're just the opposite. We should both just branch out! :P

  4. Lucy - Diorlywood looks nice, I love Dior stuff but I always have to wrestle with my sensible self before I buy!

    Barbie - just goes to show, us girls are never satisfied no matter what! :-)

  5. Pretty lipstick!!! I love the colour.

  6. this lippie looks lovely on you, great shade :)

  7. I really love the lipstick, when i go shopping i prefer to choose a quality lipstick that doesn´t cause any damage in my lips. I take care my lips too much, because i thik this is the sexiest part of our body. So when i feel sexy is better the man buy viagra


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