Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I bought some stuff from smells GOOD!

People seem to go crazy for Lush and I don’t really get why – yes it smells nice and looks pretty but it is actually quite expensive for what it is, markets itself as natural when it contains plenty of chemicals and some of it has a fairly short shelf life (yes fresh facemask, I MEAN YOU!). But saying all this, I’m always pleased if I get it for a gift or treat myself very occasionally….

So, at the top we’ve got:

Honey Trap Lip Balm
This stuff is LOVELY, it has a very sweet scent with a hint of mintiness and definitely moisturises. Apparently it’s vanilla, white chocolate and honey..mmmmmmmmm! The sweet smell of it is quite strong, whenever I use it at work the woman on the desk next to mine ( a good 5 feet away) sniffs the air and says "I just got a whiff of something really sweet-oh have you got your lipbalm out again?"

From left to right underneath we now have:
Cocoa butter, sweet musk and vanilla bathbomb that smells fresh but sweet at the same time. Mmmm again!

Flosty Gritter
Lavender, sweet vanilla and sparkly pink bubblebar…what more do you want?! Thankfully, the glitter doesn’t stick too much, it leaves your skin feeling really soft and it turns your bathwater a nice light pink. I always buy this when I’m buying stuff from Lush.

Candy Fluff
An egg ballistic that smells like candy floss and has a lickle flower in the top. Aah! I think this is probably just out for Easter which is a shame because it smells so nice and made my skin feel silky.

We went to look for a Mothers Day present for my boyfriends mam and found that if he bought a Mothers Day gift box he got a free goodie bag too, sadly he’s giving the goodie bag to his mam as well. BOOO!
There’s also a Mothers Day Tea Party thing happening at Lush on Sunday:


  1. I get a bit hit and miss with lush at times - its great for the odd bath bomb treat but the hair products always just leave my hair feeling so greasy. The one product I totally love is the Healing Hands Handcream - it's the only handcream that's managed to sort out my hands properly!

  2. I threw my fresh facemask (I was using the seaweed one) into the freezer. I know it's not ideal but I just can't use the stuff fast enough.

    One thing I totally recommend though is their Ultrabland cleanser. I don't use it all over my face b/c I have relatively oily skin, but it is THE BEST for removing eye makeup (including MAC Liquidlast liner).

    Oh and FYI... Sexy Peel soap makes my closet smell good. :)

  3. I think I had the seaweed one (whichever one it was it looked awful and smelled strange) and I had the same problem - unless I was facemasking every other day or using a quarter of a tub once a week I can't see how I would use it up!

    I've just seen that Lush have brought out a "foundation" of sorts...interesting!

  4. Mmmm, candy floss!!! I like sweet smells.

  5. I love the butterball and the lip balm, honey and white chocolate mmm! :)

  6. That's not the egg version babe it's the bubble bar candy fluff think it is called or candy bar which is available all the time ~ Think the eggs came out after mothers day and their a ballistic


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