Thursday, 4 February 2010

Valentines Day Nails #2 - Pink Heart Crystal Tips

This is so easy to do but looks really cute - I did it on a false nail (that was already a really nice light pink colour) but Nails Inc Brompton Place is a pretty similar pink colour if you were doing it on your own nails.

False nail/polish
Brush on nail glue
Orange stick
Blu tack
Heart shaped crystals (mine are from Ebay, I got a variety of colours - I chose to use contrasting pinks to go with the theme and to look good against the pink nail)

How to:
1. Usual basecoat, 2 coats of polish, wait to dry
2. Select the crystals you want to use and place them face up on a plastic surface
3. Using the orange stick with blu tack on the end, pick up a crystal by placing the blu tack gently onto the crystal and lifting
4. Apply a line of nail glue to the tip of the nail, from one side to the centre, but not all the way across
5. Then, affix the crystal to the nail by gently positioning it on the nail and pressing down
6. Repeat until nail is covered where the white tip would be of your nail


  1. Those gems are so cute!
    I need to purchase. :) x


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