Saturday, 20 February 2010

Models Own Goldfinger Polish (impromptu review)

I wasn't going to bother reviewing this and its silver counterpart (Silver Fox) as I thought they'd be your bog-standard watery glitters that you can use as a topcoat.

Anyway, I'm going out tonight and I seem to have started to wear black polish with the dress I'm planning on wearing ( for anyone who NEEDS to know what I'm wearing this eve) and because I was bored I tried Models Own Goldfinger on my thumb to tone in with the gold in my dress. And I was I carried on with the rest of my nails. And even did a second coat. The glitter was really dense and actually covered the nail thickly enough after two coats (I did a third "insurance" coat though).

I love it - it's so sparkly and blingy and I'm such a magpie. Goldfinger indeed!

It feels a little rough/raised but not as much as I'd expect from such a glittery polish. As a whole, Models Own has impressed me with the polishes I ordered from them. Application and drying time was totally fine, no problems there. I think I'll probably matte it tomorrow too to see what happens!

Funnily enough, I actually think it's maybe a little too dense to use as a topcoat over another colour as it might be a bit overpowering...


  1. Ooh I really like that nail varnish, I love glitter polishes. :) x

  2. Hi

    I love this gold polish. Visit me too for some nail art designs.

  3. so pretty! and i LOVE asos!

  4. Wow that's lush. I need it- I'm such a magpie too.


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