Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just had my eyebrows threaded...

I love threading. It gives a really defined, straight shape to your brows (much more than tweezing in my opinion) but without the drama potential of waxing (a brow accidentally being ripped off, burns, skin being taken off with hair etc). It's cheap - £5.50 to get my eyebrows done - and instantly lifts your face.
This is just the start of my Valentines beautification - brows today, hair and tan on Saturday, wax, make up and nails on Sunday. And the likelihood is my boyfriend will literally go in the shower and put on a new tshirt - that will be his Valentine effort. Tsk.


  1. i've just started getting mine done and had them done in debenhams half price earlier today. but i have to say though it hurt like hell! not sure if its meant to hurt that much?!

  2. Ha, I always get my eyebrows threaded. Have been for at least (consistently) the last 6 years. I go to a little place in Upton Park and pay £2! Isn't it weird how you really notice other peoples eyebrows now? Like, I always spot horrible over plucked swollen ones instantly upon meeting someone - where as before I might not have done. I'm such an eyebrow snob now!

  3. Amina - my eyebrows don't normally hurt when I get them threaded, though I went to a different place this time and I winced a few times!

    Lina - I totally know what you mean, I'm a Brow Spotter now, the first thing I notice now is whether or not people have nice brows. So superficial (but so easy to sort out...)

  4. Lovely brows. I also think brows are extremely important and give a really neat look. And related to your BF, you're most probably right... The worst is when they don't even notice how much you've done. :|


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