Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pastel Hair?

So, pastels are "in" for Spring. My nails are already looking decidedly springy, my wardobe isn't but probably will be once it starts snowing/being so dark all the time etc.

Apparently another trend for spring is pastel hair. And I really like it. I'm trying to talk myself out of adding some lilac and pink to my very light blonde hair....maybe I'll just satisfy my urges with some coloured extensions though, colours can be a bitch to get rid of when you're blonde (plus I don't know what work would say if I rolled up on Monday rocking a pastel-streaked do).


  1. Pastel hair looks awesome :) I really want platinum hair with a little lilac or pink.

    You should try extensions, then you wouldn't have the problem of your work not liking it!

  2. I think extensions are the most sensible thing (boo for sensible though!) and I think if I put dry shampoo through them it would take out the "shine" that usually comes with synthetic extensions and makes them look too fake.


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