Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Models Own Nail Polish Haul and Essie Matte About You

(L-R) Goldfinger, Silver Fox, Hot Pink, Lilac Dream, Grey Day

This order arrived very quickly , in really nice packaging – I know it doesn’t mean much in terms of the polish but good service and things that look pretty can’t be sniffed at! I also got a free buffer as it’s my first order from their site, I actually went looking for their false lashes but got swayed by polishes instead.

I had meant to swatch all 5 of them but the first I tried was Grey Day and I liked it so much I didn't want to take it off! I've wanted a grey polish for a while. Sorry my nails are looking a bit useless at the moment, one snapped so filing of the rest of them commenced.

Grey Day is a bluish grey - kind of like the colours of those Russian Blue cats. It went on smoothly and evenly, dried pretty quickly and only needed two coats. I'm really pleased with it! It looks almost khaki in certain lights.

Then, I got in from work and my Essie Matte About You had finally arrived, so I had to have a play, and do you know what, I liked that too! It made Grey Day look almost like concrete, you could see it mattifying on my nails (that made me go ooooh!)


  1. I have just bought a rimmel mattifying top coat that is amazing!


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