Monday, 2 September 2013

NOTD: Essie For The Twill Of It

I've totally fallen in love with this polish!  For The Twill Of It is part of Essie's A/W 13 collection.  I'd describe it as a metallic dark grey with purple and green duochromes.  It's one of those polishes that people notice, and someone at work called it the most beautiful colour she's ever seen!  It's also one of those polishes that I sit and look at on my nails.

My photos don't really do it justice, they don't capture the gorgeous duochrome in anything like enough detail, but here's my attempt anyway:

I wouldn't say it's a unique colour - plenty of nail polishes have been out in recent times with a duochrome to them, some which are pretty similar to this - but I do think it's absolutely gorgeous.  Application is easy and wear time is ok for a metallic polish.  Really glad I bought this polish, definitely my favourite from Essie's latest collection.


  1. Such a nice colour, must purchase it soon! x

    Hannah Heartss

  2. Ooh this is gorgeous! Really different xx

    1. I totally love it, one of my fave new polishes for a while!

  3. It's a beautiful colour. Does it stay put? Just I love to be girly but I'm slightly tom boy-Ish occasionally I surpose to having 8 Horses And working Gundogs, I wear it whilst out beating shooting and out riding grading mucking out etc etc, "BUT" the only polishes that stay on Majority of the time, with all that I do is; "Leighton Denny" all of his Range is Unbelievably Brautiful, no chips, beautiful brush, contence is not at all, runny and messey, that stands even for the more shimmery polishes, I have a couple of colours Extremly near to what you have on, which is beautiful also, it's worth mooching around & trying diffrent makes isn't it. My other Favorite Top Make which would be hard to beat is: "The Red Carpet" Gel Nail Range, it's Salon Quality and it won't budge whilst On but you can paint over with another polish for say an evening out and remove it After ur evening out and you've still ur red carpet nails In perfectly condition and all intact after. Great investment ;-) Kindest regards Michelle Weston


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