Tuesday, 10 September 2013

St Moriz Dark Tan Mousse Review

I was recently in the slightly odd position of being away from home and running out of my usual Xen Tan halfway through my application so I had tanned legs and pale everything else! The only tan I could get my hands on was St Moriz Dark, a budget tan that I've heard so many people rave about.  I was wearing a long sleeve top anyway so I wasn't too worried if I had a massive disaster or ended up two different colours.

Application was easy, the pump bottle dispensed well and the mousse sank into my skin.  My only worry was that the mousse really did look grey rather than brown or white which I'm far more used to.  I went ahead and applied it anyway, feeling paranoid all afternoon as I felt like my arms and chest had a bit of a blue tinge.

Once I washed it off I was left with an even, streak free tint that isn't at all orange (and thankfully not blue!) - not as dark or golden as Xen Tan but it is about a tenth of the price.  It didn't fade patchily either which is always a bonus but I have to say I don't feel like it lasts that well really, 3 days on and I can't really tell I've got tan on my arms.

Overall I thought that this tan was a decent budget option and I'm glad I tried it to check out the hype as people seem to really love it but I 100% prefer Xen Tan to this so I'll carry on splashing the pennies out on that and Melvita Gradual Tan when I want a more subtle glow.

I bought mine from Home Bargains but you can get St Moriz Dark from feelunique.com* starting from £4.99.  Have you tried St Moriz? What do you think of it?

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