Saturday, 7 September 2013

So, the weather's gone a bit colder hasn't it?

It's September, month of my birth, and that month when the weather gets much darker, colder and wetter and we all want to start eating soup. It also means that I need to look into my winter wardrobe  and possibly buy some new things - I tend to stick myself in cosy jumpers and printed leggings for winter.  There are some really nice chunky knit jumpers for women around already which I think I'm going to be treating myself to sooner or later I think!
I'm also thinking a bit about how I need to change my beauty routine to take into account the colder weather.  I'm definitely going to be investing in a more heavy duty moisturiser to protect my skin from the cold weather and harsh heating indoors, ditching the fake tan and wearing my hair curly more often as there's no way it's going to stay sleek and straight in the rain and wind so it's easier to just style it appropriately!
As much as I love the sunshine I actually think autumn and winter are my favourite seasons, I know it's cold and a bit dark at times but I love those crisp mornings where it's really light and bright (as long as you're wrapped up) and going and sitting somewhere nice and nosy while the wind races around outside.  Do you have a favourite season or do you think I'm a bit weird for liking the slightly gloomier of the four seasons?
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