Sunday, 15 September 2013

Want to learn a new skill or hobby face to face? You need LearnCliki!

Online learning and tutorials are nothing new -as I went into my last year of the Open University, there was a massive shift towards webinars and video tutorials rather than sit down sessions that not everyone could attend - especially with the advance of YouTube.  But don't you sometimes wish instead of watching a tutorial video, then having some questions and either having to do further research or leave a comment (and remember to check back to see if it's been answered at some point) that you could actually have a face to face tutorial without the inconvenience of having to travel or be left with unanswered questions?

Well, you can now with Learncliki!  This new service allows you to log in, select a topic you want to learn more about and have a face to face, live tutorial with a tutor who you can ask questions of in real time and really tailor the session to your needs.  There's a variety of subject areas from academia to hobbies and interests, so whatever you're keen to learn more about, you're likely to find it here!

Or if you've got a skill that you think others might want to learn, you could always sign up as a tutor and impart your knowledge, whether it's about floristry, fashion or finance!  What are you an expert in?

For more information about LearnCliki whether you're interested in being a learner or a tutor, visit

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