Sunday, 11 August 2013

Meet Preston - the perfect cure for the holiday blues!

Well I never in a million years thought this would happen!  We've got another dog!  This little guy is called Preston, he's 20 months old and as you might have guessed he's a fawn pug.  Considering it took a good 18 months of begging  asking before we got the very lovely Pearl, the fact that almost a year to the day later we have another pug is amazing.

We'd been talking about getting Pearl a friend for a little while but decided we'd leave it until after we went on holiday before we looked rather than torture ourselves with cute pugs for months on end.  We also made the decision to get a dog a similar age to Pearl rather than a puppy so that both of them would have an appropriate playmate (I worried that Pearl would squish a tiny puppy given her playful ways) plus we avoid all the downsides of a puppy such as housetraining etc. 

So about a month before we went away - you know, despite pledging we wouldn't look until August - we spotted Preston advertised 10 minutes away from our house, the right age and colour (we wanted a fawn one) as well as being a price that we were happy to pay for him.  We went to see him and he was lovely, really cute, friendly and happy.  He'd lived with another dog too so he was used to that which was a bonus.  His owners were really nice as well and were good enough to keep him for us for a month until we got back from Jamaica which was rather helpful!

All in all I think we made a great decision, him and Pearl are really playful together!


  1. Aww so cute! I love both of your dogs :D xx

  2. Aw thanks, I know I'm totally biased but I love them too :-)


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