Sunday, 25 August 2013

A prime example: Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF30 (you need this in your life!)

I love Dermalogica products - their pre-cleanse and daily microfoliant are two of my favourite skincare products ever - so when I received some information about their skinperfect primer I really wanted to try it out.  I tend to use primers more when I'm going out or I know I'm going to have a long day to make sure my make up lasts.

The packaging is straightforward, very classy and typically Dermalogica.  You get 22ml in a tube and it comes out of a nozzle so it's easy/hygenic to dispense and use.   The first thing that surprised me is that this product isn't clear (or near enough clear) like the majority of primers I've used before.  It's foundation coloured which I think is a great idea because it really does work to even out the tone of my skin, though I'm not sure how suitable this makes it for those with darker skin.

I'm not keen on the smell of this but it doesn't last and it isn't ridiculously strong, so I can get over it.  It's quite herbal and doesn't quite do it for me.  It applies really easily and smoothly and though it has silicones in it - which I prefer in a primer, rather than something water based - it doesn't have that weird slidey, plastic consistency that comes with some silicone primers.  It's more like a velvety paste and you kind of have to push it around your skin to apply.

It actually gives more coverage than some tinted moisturisers so I actually think I'd wear this on holiday on it's own when it's too hot for full make up for a bit of extra coverage with SPF, rather than relying on tinted moisturisers that I don't really like.

It contains pearl powder to give a really subtle shimmer to the skin which isn't OTT or glittery.  As a foundation base it works really well, you can feel it gripping your foundation as you apply it and it really does help to keep my foundation looking good all day (I've been using it with Estee Lauder Doublewear which I do need to reapply through the day sometimes).

It also contains peptides to stimulate collagen production as well as ingredients to fight biochemical triggers of skin ageing (can't be a bad thing!) as well as SPF30 to protect your skin from the sun, another cause of premature ageing.  Dermalogica products are also not tested on animals.

I really like this product and have used it every day since I got it, which I don't usually do with primers.  I'm actually going to ditch the other primers I've got in favour of this one in future as it seems to work well for my skin.

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  1. This looks good. I haven't tried this one yet, but the herbal smell might put me off! Sometimes the smell plays such a big part in it.

    Miss Stylicious

  2. Honestly the smell isn't that strong, I'd deffo still say give it a go c


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