Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kardashian Beauty Scintillate Lash

Now, I'm not huge Kardashian fan (though I do love Khloe a bit) you have to admit that these girls always have gorgeous make up so I was a little bit excited to see their beauty range readily available on feelunique.com*.  I've read some really good reviews of a few of the products but I stayed in my comfort zone and gravitated towards the false lashes, finally settling on the Scintillate design.

Scintillate is a set of spiky, separated lashes. I would definitely say that these are more of a glam, nighttime sort of lash rather than an every day pair.  These the sort of lashes that look great in photos on a night out and they're definitely glam and a bit over the top (kind of like the Kardashian's actually), I could easily imagine Kim Kardashian wearing this sort of style.
The lashes come with a little tube of adhesive which is actually really cute.  They band on them is pretty stiff which makes them less easy to apply so I wrap them around a pen the wrong way first to "snap" the band a bit and make them more flexible so they fit to my eye better.  After I did this application was fairly straightforward though I did need to add a bit more glue at either end to make sure they were secure.
They felt quite heavy on and I did feel like they looked quite false but again, nice in photos.  I'm going to wear these lashes on my birthday night out next month when I'm properly done up.  They actually remind me a bit of Illamasqua lashes in terms of look and the way they apply but they're much cheaper at a fairly reasonable £6.95 a pair on feelunique.com*.
I'd definitely be interested in trying out some other items - including other lash styles - from the Kardashian range as I've seen some great reviews of some of their products.  By the way, as they're in the middle of a rebrand, some of the products might come sent still in Khroma (the previous name of the range, read more about the reasons behind the name change here) packaging as mine were.


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