Saturday, 17 August 2013

It's as easy as 3-2-1...

3 Mobile have just launched a new 3-2-1 Pay as You Go tariff which features a ridiculously cute pug in their campaign (you might have seen it in this advert).  As part of the fun, since I'm a proud pug owner, they asked me the following questions:

3 of my favourite songs
Wow, this question is hard - mainly because my taste in music is er...very varied and I tend to forget about songs for ages until I hear them again.  One of my favourites is definitely Golden Brown by the Stranglers, another is Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye and Born to Die by Lana Del Rey.  They're actually all a bit depressing aren't they?!  My friends will vouch for the fact that I'm also partial to stuff that's a bit more upbeat that you can have a dance to as well but it's too hard to pick just three songs I like!
2 places in London I love
Somewhere I haven't been since I was a kid, and really really want to go again because I have such good memories of it is the Natural History museum in London.  I've clearly always been a total geek!

I also love down by the Thames where the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye are, there's just something really nice about it down there.  I got taken to London for my birthday a few years ago, my boyfriend booked us a gorgeous hotel, a trip on the London Eye, London Zoo and tickets to see Jersey Boys (which I love).   Last time we went to London was just before the Olympics when they had the Olympic logo on the bridge and it was all exciting.

1 picture of Pearl

I know I'm biased but what a cutie she is (even if she does look a little bit like she has a lamp growing out of her head in this picture)!

For more information about the new 3-2-1 campaign visit the 3 Mobile website here or have a sneaky watch of the video below.  Is it really wrong that I want one of those knitted birthday cake hats for Pearl? You can buy them on Etsy here.


  1. I love that type of dogs. Whenever I ask what breed is that not one replies. So who can write my essay for me eventually what type of breed that puppy is?


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