Sunday, 28 October 2012

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Nail Art in Poudre D'or

After coveting these for ages I finally picked some up in Boots Manchester.  I went for Poudre D'or as I think they're the most striking and look really expensive and luxurious.  At £8.99 (or thereabouts) they're not cheap but I bought these with Boots points so I was even more pleased.

I've not used nail wraps for ages so my application technique was a bit off at first.  These don't need any heat or anything to apply, they're literally just stickers.  They feel like plastic but the actual design feels like matte velvet with little raised gems.  My thumbnails used the biggest sized wraps so if you've got larger nails - which I don't think I have, I never normally have to use the biggest oness - then give these a miss.  You stick them to your nails, pull them tight to smooth out any wrinkles (ahem) and then file off the edges, I used a glass file.

From a distance they look okay but if you look closely they're a bit wrinkled in some places!

In terms of longevity these didn't really last long but that might be down to my poor application (it probably is).   I really liked them on, they look so glam but I do think they're quite expensive for what they are so I don't think I'll be buying these or any of the other designs in future.  They're more of a one night only kind of nail.
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  1. Love the matte finish! I suppose you could have the, the other way so that the little studs are at the tip of the nail



  2. these are lovely but i have the same issue with application. i havent found nail wraps that last more than 48 hours without starting to peel off at the edges! my quest continues..

    1. I have to admit I'm kind of over nail wraps but I felt these were way too pretty to pass me by!


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