Saturday, 20 October 2012

A clever way to store your hair extensions...the HeadKase.

I don't tend to wear hair extensions quite as much now as I used to (a night out was never a night out unless I had some extensions in a few years ago) but I do still wear them every now and again, usually to do something like a long fishtail plait or to add length when I wear my hair curly.  I also used to spend quite a lot of money on them as I wore them frequently but now I just pick up cheap synthetic wefts that can still be heat styled.  I like them long and usually get 22-24 inch.

Anyhow, hair extension preferences aside, I usually store my extensions either in the packaging they come in or in a plastic bag.  Oh yes, I'm that glamorous!  Neither of these options are ideal because the hair gets knotty and tangled or it gets weird kinks in it from being stuffed in a drawer.  It's hard to get these kinks out with synthetic hair sometimes too as you don't want to use a high heat on it.

So when I was asked if I wanted to try the Headkase Hair Extensions Case I was really interested, it sounded like the perfect solution to my storage problems!  As well as using it to store your extensions, you can use it when you put them in to as it can hang with either hooks or suction cups so you can easily see what you've got to put in, both are strong enough too.

Basically, it works.  It keeps my extensions looking neat, ensures they stay smooth and wearable and looks pretty too.  I haven't really found I use the suckers to stick them up that much but they do work and I can see why they'd be useful.  I think this is a really nice product and if you do spend a lot of money on extensions then this is well worth the money to protect the expensive hair you've bought. It's a simple idea, executed well and makes a difference.

As you can see, my extensions are long and stick out of the end of the HeadKase but it's fine as they just roll up along with the rest of it and stay in pristine condition.  It looks pretty too, which I actually think is really important!  If you travel a lot or are taking your extensions away somewhere with you (getting ready at a mates house or something) then again, these are a good idea.

It comes in four colours: pink, black, leopard and zebra.  Available for £19.99 from


  1. Great storage idea



  2. Brilliant idea! I don't use them anymore but if I did I'd have these.

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  4. Hair extensions are very easy to use but it is very difficult to look after extensions. They need special care.

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  5. Sweet! Hair extensions tend to tangle and become dry after the first and second use because of improper storage. This case is definitely an efficient solution for this common hair extension problem. With its help, girls can make use of their extension as often as possible without ruining its natural look. =)

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  6. Love the case. So handly for keeping extensions tangle free. :)

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  8. Having a storage case like this is great for helping you maintain your hair extension’s beauty and quality. Even if you keep it for a long period of time, you’re sure that the next time you’ll be using it, it’ll still look as gorgeous as it was before.


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