Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation in Medium Dark

I was recently sent this foundation for review and unfortunately it wasn't the right colour for me.  Luckily the lovely Haitch from stepped in to help me out with a review! So, here's what she thought of the foundation:
When I took the foundation out of the box the first thing that struck me was how nice the packaging was of the foundation.  Instead of the usual cheap feeling plastic, this compact felt expensive and smooth to the touch.

I am a big Bare Minerals fan because I have oily skin. I usually use their loose powder foundation and apply this with a kabuki brush. This foundation is a pressed powder and I wondered if I should use a sponge to apply it.

On the first morning of trying this product I thought I would go with what I know. I took my kabuki brush and tapped it against the compact powder. A reasonable amount was on the brush.

I applied the colour to the back of my hand  with my brush and it was almost invisible.  It had blended perfectly into my skin. There was no orange colour and there was no excess or cakeiness.

I then brushed it over my cheeks and across my nose. Despite this shade being medium dark it does not go on as dark as you would think. With bare minerals shades I change from summer to winter. I have three different shades I use throughout the year. This shade gave me a bit of a warm glow across my cheeks as I added more there  and blended perfectly into my face.
After six days of using this foundation I loved the following things about it:
  • The colour blended really nicely with my skin
  • Despite the SPF 20 in this product I didn’t find it added any oiliness to my face
  • The colour of the foundation didn’t change throughout the dark as my skin got warmer
  • The size of the compact
The only thing that I could find that I didn’t love:
The opening of the compact I found quite tricky and possibly with long term use I could end up breaking my nails if I forced it. This wouldn’t be an issue if my nails were very short but they are currently a bit longer than usual. But that is the only downside I can find!
I really loved this foundation and the great thing about bare minerals is that they do so many shades which are perfect for so many skin types. As someone with oily skin this was perfect on me. 
A huge thank you to Haitch for her great review - make sure you go and check out her blog!
Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundations is available for £25 from Selfridges* or


  1. Looks great - i tried this in Selfridges the other day as i love the loose Bare Minerals. Weirdly, i came out a shade darker in the pressed version!

  2. Love the colour, I've seen these products before but never actually brought one,



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  4. I am loving this foundation, it covers like a dream without the mess.

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