Friday, 5 October 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Seductive and Elegant Lace (a quick review)

I admit it, I'm a Batiste fiend.  I tend to stock up on Boots 3 for 2's and while I was stocking up I noticed that the Lace version was there (I first saw it mentioned on blogs months ago after a Batiste blog event) so I picked one up.

The packaging is pretty and very obviously Batiste - if I'd been thinking properly I'd have taken the photo above on a lace background, but I haven't.  Performance-wise, it works just as well as all the other Batiste's, you just have to be careful not to be too heavy handed when you spray or you'll end up with white roots!  I saw some reviews a while ago that said that Batiste Lace was invisible but to be honest I can't see that it's any different to normal Batiste?  I've not compared them side to side but I haven't noticed a difference when using it which is where I think it counts.

The scent is a lot more musky and like a grown up perfume than some of the other Batistes and I think it's ok but I still prefer the vanilla-scented, leopard print Batiste Wild (my favourite).  I'm obviously not sophisticated enough!  I bought mine from*.

I've also noticed this week that Batiste are bringing out some more new versions, I can't keep up!  New Batiste Graffiti and Paisley will both be coming out soon.  I don't think I'm that bothered about Paisley (exclusive to Superdrug), as it's probably not a scent that I'll be that keen on but Graffiti (exclusive to Boots) sounds gorgeous and just the type of fruity scent I'll like, love the packaging too!  There's also a Batiste Hint of Colour in Vibrant & Red that's come out too, for redheads, obviously.  Phew!

Are you a Batiste fan generally?  Will you be picking up one of the new additions?  Or will you be visiting Boots and Superdrug and buying both?


  1. I received this one as part of a Batiste give away. Haven't tried it yet but good to read your thoughts! x

  2. I love the stuff, so handy if you're in-between washes and need a little pick me up and if you're blonde it's great for blending in roots!

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