Sunday, 7 October 2012

Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub (and Snow Fairy is back!)

I admit it, I didn't really have that high expectations of this but I was actually pleasantly surprised. With a few exceptions (Buffy and Lemony Flutter), whenever I've veered away from my usual Lush bath bubble/bath bomb/bubble bar I've always been a teeny tiny bit disappointed.  This may well just be me being picky though as other people seem to love Lush stuff in all it's guises.

Right, onto the Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub.  It smells lovely, very fresh and ocean-like, as you'd probably expect, with a hint of citrus to it. The salt pieces in it are quite big and scrubby so if you have very sensitive or reactive skin I would maybe give this a miss.  They certainly do the job removing dry skin though, and this left my skin looking and feeling clean and renewed.

The salt pieces are suspended in a lovely, creamy cleanser (which again, I didn't expect!) which is in real contrast to the scrubby part.  It contains grapefruit and lime essential oil, it also contains avocado butter, coconut oil, lanolin, seaweed absolute and violet absolute.

I also tried the Geophyzz Bath Bomb but it wasn't really my cup of tea, it smelled a bit earthy compared to the sweet and/or fruity smells that I usually like.  I hated the way it looked as well!  Part of the reason I like Lush bath bombs and bubble bars is the 'pretty factor' and this didn't have it.

I've just noticed on the Lush website that Snow Fairy is now available!  I absolutely love this sweet, fruity shower gel and so do lots of others.  I always stock up on this when it comes out around Christmas.  Last year I picked up the lip tint too, which was just as yummy.  I'll be making sure to pick up some Snow Fairy next time I'm near Lush!



  1. I always find non bath stuff hit and miss in Lush too. A snow fairy lip tint sounds good... :)

  2. I am interested in trying out the Lush Ocean salt facial scrub. I have been planning to have a body scrub but I guess I'll try to do it by myself and with the help of my husband hahaha. Good thing, they brought back the snow fairy because I have been longing for them. I love the scent of it.

  3. njammi,love lush<3 I want to try lush ocean salt for soo long but my skin is very sensitive so maybe this one is not for me:/

    lovely post,xoxo


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