Thursday, 1 November 2012

Etsy wants

Etsy is fast becoming a favourite website of mine, I've only bought a handful of things from there but I've been really impressed with each item I've bought.  I find it quite hard to browse unless I have an idea of what I'm after, kind of like Ebay.  But here's what I'm hankering for on Etsy at the moment:

Pink/lilac ombre hair extensions - LulusGalaxy
These are amazing, and actually not that expensive for what they are.  I could probably do this myself with a weft of hair and some Manic Panic dye but I have no experience with dying hair crazy colours so I'd rather leave it up to someone who knows what they're doing!  I wouldn't dye my own hair these colours either as I suspect work would have a fit and there are some days when you just want to blend in which is hard with pink and lilac hair!
I don't wear much jewellery and when I do - apart from earrings - I like to keep it understated.  This bangle is really pretty and delicate.
Ombre Tights - BZRshop
I don't think I need to say much about these, they're just pretty.
Strawberry Shortcake Nail Polish - WonderBeautyProducts
The choice of fab, unique polishes on Etsy is overwhelming but I narrowed down my choice to this one, I think it's really interesting and a bit different to what you can buy on the high street.
I think these are so gorgeous, they're quite expensive so they'd very much be an accent cushion rather than a full set of matching ones but I really think they'd be a great addition to my home decor and I've had my eye on the hummingbird one for ages now.
Classic Pink Lipstick Print - emmakisstina
I think this would look great in my dressing room (aka the spare bedroom to anyone else) and I love the lipsticks that she's chosen to draw.
Chanel Nail Polish Illustration - 23madisonstudio
As above really, imagine owning all of these in real life!
Songbirds on a Wire Print - AnamnesisPrints
I don't know where this would go in my house and it doesn't really go with anything of mine but I can't seem to delete it from my favourites.  There are quite a lot of this kind of thing on Etsy, drawings over pages of vintage books but this is one of the ones I like best.
Ace of Spades and Hearts Fimo Canes - yippeekawaiiyeah
3d nail art.  I love it.  For some reason I love Aces as well so I'm tempted to do some nail art with something like these are they look really good in terms of design and quality.
Have you ever used Etsy?  What's been your favourite Etsy purchase?  Mine's probably my teacup candle or my phone cover.  I'm now off work for a few days so I might well buy some of these things when the temptation gets too much!


  1. Hi Lucy, great blog! Do you write sample reviews?

    1. Hi Sarah, I'd be happy to do sample reviews. If there's something you've got in mind just drop me an email at

  2. Some great finds there! Love the ombre tights x

  3. They're ace aren't they! You can get some way cheaper ones on Ebay but the colours aren't quite as nice x

  4. I am obsessed with etsy at the moment, I think there are some lovely gift ideas for christmas! I bought some Emma Kisstina prints a couple of months ago when I decorated my room and I adore them :) x

  5. I need some ombre tights in my life!

  6. I really want that bangle it is so cute!! I might leave hints around for the boyfriend for Christmas :)

    1. Ooh that's a really good idea actually I might do the same!


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