Saturday, 23 October 2010

Strawberry Carmex Lip Balm

In my opinion along with Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up and Balm Balm, Carmex is one of the best lipbalms for when your lips are really dry (i.e. winter) and need to sort them out. The only thing I'm not hugely keen on with Carmex is the smell/taste. So when I saw the strawberry one, I went for it.

Um...when you first but it on there is a vague whiff/taste of strawberry but after that it's back to the usual Carmex smell and taste. At least I tried! And since the product is so functional and does what it's meant to well, I can put up with that. If they could make one that smells like Lush Honey Trap, I'd be a happy girl.

Apparently they've brought out a mint one too, which I'll have to try to see if it's any better. Has anyone tried it? Have they ever made tinted Carmex too? If not, I think they should!


  1. The cherry Carmex actually does smell like cherries! Well, cherries with a hint of menthol. The only downside is that it doesn't come in a tube, only that impossible-to-keep-in-a-pocket tub. Or at least it did when I used to use it.
    Do you find your Lush Honey Trap starts smelling a bit off after a week or two? Mine started smelling like petrol, and I took it back to the store to ask what had happened and they just said 'You've been using it wrong.' :|

  2. I love carmex, just bought the strawberry one & your right the smell is nice but it doesn't last long.
    Never tried honey trap, tempted to buy it :)
    Emma x

  3. Honey trap is lovely - a woman I work wth always sniffs the air and says she can smell something really sweet when I put it on and asks if I've got my lipbalm out. She sits at least 5 feet away from me!

    I didn't notice mine smelling weird, though the smell deffo wasn't as strong after a bit?


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