Thursday, 28 October 2010

November Giveaways!

Since my blog is a year old in November, I decided that it's time for a giveaway for the lovely people that follow my blog. Then I decided that rather than having one big giveaway, I'd have one smaller one each week in November - that way it gives more people more chances to win.

Here's what the prizes are going to be:
  • Week 1 - Montagne Jeunesse Indulgent Spa Facial set worth £20
  • Week 2 - Wahanda voucher for Fish Pedicure at Wonda Fish, London
  • Week 3 - Miss Budd Make Up Bag
  • Week 4 - Hotel Chocolat Chocolate worth £22

So if any of those prizes interest you, keep an eye on my blog in November. The giveaways will be going up every Monday! You'll need to be a follower to enter, so if you're not following already, now's the perfect time - as ever, winners will be selected at random.


  1. YAY!congrats thats fab great prizes :) x

  2. Amazing prizes! Just discovered your blog - congrats on your blog's first birthday :) x

  3. Sounds great!! Good prizes xo


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